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"Hot sauce loving husband was extremely pleased and already used plenty." - Trudie

The Ultimate Chilli Sauce Challenge 10 Bottle Sauce Set

The Ultimate Chilli Sauce Challenge 10 Bottle Sauce Set

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Ready for the ultimate chilli sauce challenge? This set has 10 bottles of deliciously spicy sauces to try with your friends!

They go from a mild tingle to face-meltingly hot!

All our sauces are made with fresh chilli peppers and expertly blended with real fruits and spices to bring you a thick, rich sauce full of flavour. These spicy sauces are low calorie, keto-friendly and of course 100% vegan too. No artificial nasty stuff in here! 

This set has it all - start with the gentle Jalapeño & Date sauce and go through our classic flavours right the way through to the Carolina Reaper & Blueberry. Then move on to our Superhot Range, three seriously spicy bottles of fermented chilli sauce that's sure to make even the biggest spice lover sweat! 

Grab all 10 bottles of our chilli sauce in this set for the biggest savings. Plus this order automatically qualifies for free shipping! 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Small Batch Handmade
  • Fast UK based Shipping
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  • The Ultimate Chilli Sauce Challenge 10 Bottle Sauce Set Contents

    All Classic Flavours Set

    • Jalapeño and Date: (Heat: 3/10)
    • Scotch Bonnet and Caribbean Spices:(Heat: 4/10)
    • Chipotle and Pineapple:(Heat: 5/10)
    • Habanero and Tomatillo:(Heat: 7/10)
    • Ghost Pepper and Mango:(Heat: 8/10)
    • Trinidad Scorpion and Clementine: (Heat: 9/10)
    • Carolina Reaper and Blueberry: (Heat: 10/10)

    Superhot Fermented Chilli Sauce Set

    • Superhot Naga Fermented Chilli Sauce.
    • Superhot Scorpion Fermented Chilli Sauce.
    • Superhot Reaper Fermented Chilli Sauce
  • Ingredients

    Our sauces are crafted from premium oven-roasted chillies, each with their unique heat and flavour, from smoky Habaneros to fiery Carolina Reapers. Paired with top-quality natural ingredients, we create sauces that are as flavourful as they are hot. Check the individual sauce pages for specific ingredients.

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